How Can Channel Management Benefit My Hotel

The increase in technology has seen many property owners focusing on getting direct online bookings through their websites but in reality, very few of these properties can afford to rely on direct bookings alone. One of the most important revenue management tactics in the industry today is to make sure your hotel rooms are exposed to as many potential consumers as possible, but is it easy to manage your rooms across so many booking channels? It can only be easy if you have a good channel manager.

What is a channel manager?

A channel manager is a fundamental piece of hotel technology that enhances direct reservations, increases occupancy, and maximizes online revenues. It enables a hotel to broade

n its reach and increase online bookings, as well as handle rates, availability, and reservations more efficiently. Hotels can connect to hundreds of online distribution channels in real-time using a channel manager. With absolutely no chance of being overbooked, the hotel can increase visibility (and thus reservations).

What is channel management?

Channel management is the technique of actively managing the distribution of accommodation pricing and availability across numerous online booking channels. Online travel agencies (OTAs) like, Expedia, Agoda, or HostelWorld; travel metasearch engines like Google, Kayak, and Trivago; GDSs like Amadeus and Sa

bre; or online marketplaces like Airbnb, Vrbo, and others are examples of these channels.

How does a Channel Manager Work?

Your Property Management System should be able to communicate with your Channel Management software directly. It coordinates rate and availability data between your PMS and any channels you sell on in real-time. The best channel managers integrate with your existing property management technology without sacrificing functionality or speed. They pull from a central pool of inventory that maps to existing rooms to provide real-time availability updates from/to the PMS. Each new reservation is delivered right into the PMS, without any manual intervention.

Who needs Channel Management technology?

It isn't just about hotels. A channel manager is beneficial to properties of all sizes. If your property's inventory is distributed throughout multiple channels, you should seriously consider hiring a channel manager. It will save you time, get you more bookings, and keep your sanity! Furthermore, your visitors are making reservations via 

the internet!

How Can Channel Management Benefit My Hotel

There are so many ways in which Channel Management can benefit your property and below are some of the advantages;

·         Increase online bookings

·         Increase hotel revenue

·         Reduce the risk of overbookings

·         Boost direct bookings

·         Transform into a powerful business platform

·         Create a seamless, integrated tech stack

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