How Social Media Can Help You Increase Your Online Reservations

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, people have missed travelling, I know I certainly have! The travel industry is slowly picking up again, but quite the opposite can be said for the digital world and social media, in a good way. According to the Global Digital Survey, every day in 2020, more than 1.3 million new users joined social media, totalling about 15½ new users per second. In 2021, this number has increased by more than 13% with over half a billion new users.



There is excellent news for the travel industry that want to attract, reach, and convert international visitors without spending a fortune on marketing. You can reach a significant number of people and promote your brand identity through social media networks. Why not use this powerful digital asset to your advantage.


Many people use social media to plan and book their vacations; we can utilize these channels to reach out to these people and acquire reservations. Below we discuss how you can use social media to better market your brand.

Make your brand memorable

Almost all of your clients are active users of social media in some form. Therefore, having a visually impressive social media profile and keeping it “alive” can assist you in attracting more people to your website, converting them into customers, and increasing bookings.


Carefully considering the profile pictures, functional but beautiful banners with high-resolution, in-depth "about us" content and updates with the latest activity from your hotel will attract new clientele to your social media pages. Also, adding a bit of humour to your social media channel by posting funny videos or images, helps your customers remember you.

Hotel marketers are all too frequently creating social media profiles, uploading some lovely images and forgetting all about it. If your last Facebook post was six months ago, a potential visitor might think your account has been abandoned. Use your social channels to share videos, pictures and interesting information pieces to effectively promote your hotel.


So in short, keep it fresh, memorable and updated.


Reiterate the desire to book

You can promote and engage with your clients in a variety of ways on social media. You can sell your hotel by posting about limited-time offers and discounts. For example, if there is an upcoming holiday, offer a 10% discount. Now that sounds like a deal too good to miss!

Can’t afford to discount a service? Instead, include a free present or coupon. Customers will be pulled in if the deal is only available for a limited time—and reserving through social media is the only method to take advantage of it. Also, make sure you have a cutting-edge online reservation system in place at this time so that all of your guests can make their reservations efficiently.

Encourage your customers to spread the word about your hotel

Comments on social media are more essential than ever between the digital "word of mouth" influence and the organic SEO impact. This can be accomplished by encouraging your past customers to write reviews on social media platforms and upload images of their experiences while using your hotels’ hashtag. Customers are more inclined to utilize your services if they know others have used them and left reviews on social media, allowing for free endorsement on a worldwide scale.

Interacting with the audience is another important step in increasing hotel bookings. Staying in touch by commenting on reviews or reaching out when they have questions, is a great way to promote your name. Everybody loves to be acknowledged and know that someone else has reviewed an experience, eases any concerns.


The ultimate point is that social networking is a powerful tool for increasing sales. Your business could reach unimaginable heights if you make effective use of prominent social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and Instagram. So, build your social media presence, run the exciting specials and strengthen the relationship with your followers. Your guests will thank you.



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