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How Social Media Can Help You Increase Your Online Reservations
Since the start of the COVID pandemic, people have missed travelling, I know I certainly have! The travel industry is slowly picking up again, but quite the opposite can be said for the digital world...
How Much Does An eCommerce Website Cost?
Ecommerce websites have become so popular across the world, and this was not the case prior 2020 but due to the pandemic, the need for an eCommerce website has increased drastically.
Travel Booking Trends 2021
In 2019, travel and tourism experienced steady growth of 3.5%. But every travel industry professional knows that 2020 and partly 2021 were unlike anything ever before.
How Can Channel Management Benefit My Hotel
The increase in technology has seen many property owners focusing on getting direct online bookings through their websites but in reality, very few of these properties can afford to rely on direct bookings alone...